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Why is there a Fee for Electronic Payments?

The third-party payment processing service provider charges fees which vary depending on the payment type or amount.

We are pleased to offer the convenience of using credit cards and electronic bank payments for paying your community association assessments. The association’s governing documents and State law specify how assessment amounts are determined.  There is no provision that allows an association to absorb the cost of this service, therefore the convenience fee is paid by the user of the service directly, and it is added on top of the assessment amount.  

Because of the rigorous banking and governmental rules and requirements that must be in place for the security of customer data and funds, these services are provided by a third-party company and the payment processing service provider charges a fee.  This is standard across online payments, including utility companies, the IRS and local tax jurisdictions, and other sectors that face similar legal restrictions.

CAMS has contracted with Zego/Paylease to provide this service for our clients. Zego is a leading provider of third-party payment services to the association and property management industry worldwide.  

To avoid the convenience fee, we offer the option for you to enroll in Auto-Draft, which is safe, secure and free of service fees.