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Why do I have a Balance Owed on my Account?

I have set up an online payment and paid on time!

When your association adopts a new budget there may be a change to the assessment amount for the new year.  If you previously set up a recurring payment, you will need to take action to update the amount.  If not done timely, there will be a balance due that could incur late fees.

  • ECheck, Credit or Debit card payment via Zego/Paylease: You must log in to the online portal and update the amount if your annual assessment has changed.
  • Online billpay via your own bank’s portal: You must update the amount via your own bank’s portal: banks often mail a paper check therefore confirm you are sending to the CORRECT ADDRESS and include your FULL account number in the memo line. See additional info at https://www.camsmgt.com/homeowners/make-a-payment 
  • Auto-Draft - you must have a $0 balance to enroll in autodraft however miscellaneous charges will not be drafted.  There may also be a credit balance that has carried forward.  See additional information below.
  • Auto-draft will only pay assessments (dues). Other charges e.g. for key fobs or other miscellaneous charges, will need to be paid separately. 

  • If your association has a Special assessment or other additional recurring charge, your Board may authorize these charges to be included in autodraft when the charge is set up, which election is for the entire association and cannot be changed individually.  Contact CAMS if you have questions about charges that will be drafted in addition to regular assessments.

  • If you have a credit balance, autodraft will not offset the credit against the charge.  The programming is set to draft the full amount that was billed.  You can request a refund if you have prepaid and you are carrying a credit balance.

If you have enrolled to pay via Auto-Draft then no action is needed when there are changes to the annual assessment because the amount will automatically update!  Auto-Draft payments are drafted from your account on the 10th of the month when payment is due.  Allow 2-3 business days for the transaction to appear on your bank account.