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Why do I have a Balance Owed on my Account?

I have set up an online payment and paid on time!

When your association adopts a new budget there may be a change to the assessment amount for the new year.  If you previously set up a recurring payment, you will need to take action to update the amount.  If not done timely, there will be a balance due that could incur late fees.

  • ECheck, Credit or Debit card payment via Zego/Paylease: You must log in to the online portal and update the amount if your annual assessment has changed.
  • Online billpay via your own bank’s portal: You must update the amount via your own bank’s portal: banks often mail a paper check therefore confirm you are sending to the CORRECT ADDRESS and include your FULL account number in the memo line. See additional info at https://www.camsmgt.com/homeowners/make-a-payment 

If you have enrolled to pay via Auto-Draft then no action is needed because the amount will automatically update if your assessment has changed.  Auto-Draft payments are drafted from your account on the 10th or the month when payment is due.