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Where Should I Send My Payment?

You can look up the payment address on our website

The mailing address varies by association.  To find it, please go to https://www.camsmgt.com/homeowners/make-a-payment

Scroll to Mail My Payments and enter the name of your association in the search box. 

Instead of mailing a check, we encourage you to consider making an electronic payment.

Check payments are processed electronically at the secure Bank Lockbox processing center and are not handled by CAMS employees.  We do not accept payments in our offices as one of our audit controls for the protection of association funds.

 Your check contains all your personal information (name, address, bank account, routing number, phone and other info). This travels through the mail and creates opportunities for fraud, identity theft or other mishaps, such as lost or delayed mail. This is one reason why CAMS advises against mailed payments.

The second reason is that the process leaves lots of room for error. Despite our best efforts, payments can get lost, mis-coded, or scanned incorrectly (when combined payments are included in one check). State-of-the-art technology is employed to protect the association’s funds and owner account information which means that nobody is reading the notes that you may include with a check.  More about what to expect when mailing a check can be found here.

IF MAILING A PAYMENT (or if you issue payment via your bank’s online billpay), BE MINDFUL OF THE FOLLOWING:

  • Write your account number and address on the check (or type it into the memo line if using your bank’s billpay)
  • Include the payment coupon with your check. Payments are due on the 1st of the month.
  • Send multiple checks when paying for multiple properties, each in a separate envelope with its own account number
  • Due to mail delays, please allow 2 – 3 weeks for your payment to arrive and be processed to avoid late fees

* NOTE: banks often mail us a check even if they debit your account immediately for your online bill payment!