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When is my Payment Due?

To avoid late fees you should pay by the Due date and no later than the Late date.

Payment is due on the first.  A grace period of 10-30 days is allowed for payments to be received and posted (depending on your association – refer to your Association documents for the collections policy).  Payment must have posted to your ledger prior to the late date. 

Pay online to avoid late fees.  Allow at least 3 weeks if you will mail a check or send payment via your bank’s online bill payment portal for mail transit, handling and processing of the payment.

*NOTE: If you have set up your payment (1) in your own bank’s online bill payment portal, or (2) in the credit card portal (credit, debit or e-check within the Paylease/Zego portal)  - you will need to log in to manage your settings or update the payment amount/frequency