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What is an ARC and why should I bother?

The Architectural Review Committee (or Board) and the Architectural Review Process are mandated by the governing documents for the association, by which you must comply.

Association Documents require that, before making any changes to your Property, a request for Architectural Review must be submitted to the Board of Directors or its appointed Architectural Control Committee. This approval is generally required for any modifications to the structure or lot that are visible from the exterior.

Incomplete forms and/or requests with insufficient information will be automatically denied. The sanctioned time limit for request consideration (as prescribed by the Association’s Governing Documents) shall not begin until all information necessary for review has been received by the Association.

Failure to follow the ARC process may result in fines or other sanctions and could make it difficult to sell your home in the future.  There are also many legal precedents for severe penalties imposed on owners when ARC rules were disregarded.