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What if I have a Credit Balance on my Account?

If your balance is in (parenthesis), good news - you have a credit balance!

You Can view your ledger in the portal to see your transaction history and verify your payments.  If you would like to receive a refund for an overpayment, please submit a Billing Question under SUBMIT A REQUEST> GENERAL REQUEST

Are you sending multiple payments or an incorrect amount?  Manage your payment options from the BILLING tab in the portal or in your third-party payment portal.  

  • If you have set up payment via eCheck, Credit card or Debit card, you must log in to the portal to edit the recurring payment schedule or amount.
  • If you have scheduled payments to be sent via your bank’s online billpayment service, please log in to your bank's portal to update your payment settings.
  • Click on Auto-Draft if you wish to enroll/update your elections for automatic withdrawals initiated from your bank account by CAMS (to pay association assessments).