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What payment options available to me?

Payments can be made in several ways for your convenience

Auto-Draft is FREE AND SECURE.  Set it and forget it!  You can enroll via the CAMS Portal or click HERE for additional details. 

CAMS has partnered with a third-party payment processing service provider for eCheck, Credit Card or Debit Card payments via bank account, Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Discover.  The payment processing center is Zego/Paylease (aka Global Payments) and can be accessed by logging in to the portal and selecting 'Electronic Payments'.

To Compare Payment methods and fees, click HERE

To make a payment over the phone - Call the payment processing center at 866-729-5327.  They will also assist if you have questions about your e-check or credit card electronic payment.  For general customer service call CAMS at 877.672.2267

Zego will help callers to create or edit, cancel autopays (that are set up in zego already), walk homeowners through making a payment themselves via debit card, credit card or e-check , help with refunds etc for no charge.  There is a fee for the transaction based on the type of payment and the amount.  NOTE: when talking to the payment processing center, let them know the association is with CAMS and your account number format will be 1000000000xxxxxx (the number 1, followed by nine zeros, followed by the last 6 digits of your account number as displayed in the portal or on your billing statement)

For info about Mailed payments, click HERE.

Per audit protocols, CAMS does not accept payments in our local regional offices.  To ensure that your personal information is safe and your payment gets posted to your association account as quickly as possible, ALL payments must be sent directly to the bank’s processing center (if not paid online).

If you wish to request a Payment Plan, please read this