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Paying by Check - what to expect

Check payments are processed electronically so that your data is protected

All payments are processed in a highly electronic manner to provide the most secure environment for the Association’s funds and to protect personal information of homeowners.

Payments that are sent via check or through a homeowner’s bank’s online bill-payment portal can take at least two - three weeks due to mail transit times, sorting, bank processing and uploading of transactions. 

Once these payments have been scanned to the association’s account by the bank, the payment information is transmitted securely to CAMS directly from the bank each business day and our Accounts Receivable team posts the payments to the owner’s ledgers promptly.  Any delays are beyond our control because of payments being processed directly at the bank.

The best, fastest, most secure and accurate option is always to pay online!  Electronic payments are secure and fast, eliminating problems related to mailing and processing delays, and possible late fees. For these reasons we recommend these payment methods.