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Need to Dispute a Charge on your account?

Is there a charge on your account that you are unsure of?

1. Log in to the portal to review your ledger.  

2. Look  at 'My Items' in the portal to see if a message was sent to you explaining the fee.

3. Did you request a key, submit an architectural request or rent a facility for which there was a fee? 

4. Look for payment amounts that match the charge - sometimes a charge may be posted on your ledger after you have made an online payment and the net balance is $0.

If you feel you've been charged in error, your appeal must be submitted in writing.  You may Submit a Request directly in the portal (Billing Question or General Question). 

To avoid delays, provide as many details in your message as possible, including all the necessary information to make a quick decision e.g. dates, amounts, attachments etc. 

If a billing error is confirmed, you will be contacted via the portal - in some instances a credit will be issued on your account, or a refund may need to be processed (which takes a bit longer). 

If the appeal needs to be directed to the Board, please allow up to 30 days for your association board to review your submission and make a decision regarding your request.