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Is there a fee associated with transferring ownership of a property if selling?

Fees for resale processing services can vary significantly

When a property is sold there are usually requests for disclosures submitted to the Association by the closing attorney or other parties to the transaction.  There are costs associated with these disclosure services and resale processing tasks.  The fees will vary depending on which services are requested, ranging from $200 to $400+. 

The proration of fees is determined by the closing attorney as part of the settlement calculations.  Please direct all questions to your closing attorney.

Generally a Statement of Unpaid Assessments is requested, which may be bundled with association documents (governing documents, financial reports etc), or a Lender Questionnaire may be needed, or any number of other custom disclosure forms.  If expedited services are requested (delivery within fewer than 5 business days) then an Expedite fee will be charged in addition to the document order fee.  

All requests for resale disclosure information must be submitted online at https://www.homewisedocs.com/