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I'm a new owner and I need access to the pool!

Here's how you can get the ball rolling prior to the official paperwork making it's way to the HOA

Online portal access cannot be set up unless we have received the Closing packet from the attorney.  For the protection of owners, the information in our system must match the information on the property deed.  If you are a new owner, documentation verifying ownership must be submitted to CAMS by the closing attorney together with payment collected at the time of the property closing in order for us yo set up your account. 

Because it may take several weeks for CAMS to receive closing documents from the attorney, you can complete the form on our website and attach a copy of your deed.

If you have already moved in and you need access to amenities or other services, send us your information and we will grant your wish!   

When we receive this information it allows us to provide you with access however we cannot create your account or portal login until we have received the closing information from the attorney.