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I want to install ------- How do I know if it is allowed?

The association's governing documents list restrictions and guidelines for exterior aesthetic requirements in the association and dictate the process for all modifications

Forms and other useful community information can be found in your owner portal under the Documents section.  If the answer cannot be found in the documents you will need to Submit a Request (General Question- under My Items in the portal).  As a rule of thumb, all changes that are visible from the exterior must be approved by the association - complete the application form and Submit a Request (ARC Request- under My Items in the portal) so the committee can consider it and render their decision.
Many associations develop Architectural Guidelines to supplement the Covenants & Restrictions and to address some of the most common improvements, such as exterior sheds, fences, paint colors etc.  The governing documents tend to lack detail however it lies entirely with the Architectural Review Committee to decide what modifications will be approved or denied.
Interior changes do not require approval however changes that are visible from the exterior must be approved prior to starting any work.  The exception for interior changes applies to condominium or co-op units where the walls and other interior components may be 'common area' items that are the responsibility of the association and may not be changed by the owner.

ARC Guidelines and forms may be available without needing to log into the portal - click HERE to search for your community and look under the DOCUMENTS tab. 

We recommend always logging in to the portal to submit your request and to find a complete listing of all applicable association documents.