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I submitted an ARC weeks ago - when will I receive a decision?

The committee has xx days to render a decision (may be 30, 45 or 60) depending on the governing documents.

The ARC review timeframe varies depending on the type or volume of requests.  ARC board or committee members are volunteers serving the community, and the ARC members make every effort to respond as quickly as possible while ensuring the community standards are upheld according to their rules.

The ARC members collaborate or meet at intervals to review and discuss requests and to vote on decisions.  They may also need to make a site inspection or conduct other due-diligence while reviewing your request.

You should check for status of your request, submit a question or provide additional information by logging in to the portal and looking for the ARC request ticket under MY ITEMS.  

NOTE: The number of days for rendering a decision will only start once the application is complete. Be sure to check messages in the portal and respond promptly when additional information is requested so that delays can be minimized.