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I received a notice that my account is being referred to collections. Now what?

The association's Delinquency Policy dictates when a delinquent account will be referred for legal action

If your account has not yet been turned-over to the attorney you may log in to the portal to bring your balance current.  

Once the matter has been referred to legal counsel all questions must be directed to the attorney.

Any disputes must be submitted in writing so that the board can consider your appeal.

Some associations allow owners to enroll in a payment plan to pay down their delinquent balance however that is not always an option.  Submit a question in the portal if you would like to enquire about a payment plan.

Delinquent Fees and Interest are imposed by the association and are made payable to the association. Attorney fees are payable to the collections attorney.

If an account in collections remains unresolved then the association has the authority to foreclose on the lien.  

It is very important for you to respond quickly when you receive any communication from the collections attorney.  Do not contact the community manager or the board - reply to the attorney directly.