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Can I set up a Payment Plan?

In order to avoid legal action and to possibly be considered for a payment plan, we must receive your written request.  Submit a Request via the CAMS Connects Portal, send us an email or a letter.  

Once the submitted information is verified, you will receive a Payment Plan Request pdf Form  for your signature. Depending on the association, your request may need to be sent to the Board of Directors for formal consideration by your HOA.  The decision of your Board of Directors regarding this payment plan request will be provided to you in writing.  If the plan falls within association policy, you can expect to receive a reply within 5 business days.  When Board approval is needed please allow 2-4 weeks. 

Please note there is an administrative fee for payment plan administration, which will be charged in addition to the amounts owed to the association.


All Payment Plans will be administered in equal payments across the length of the payment plan term* (to include past due amounts in addition to  current assessments billed).  The administrative fee required will be built into the equal payments ($10 per month).

*Term: the payment plan must usually be completed within the calendar year.  Installments  are generally spread over 3-4 months and no more than 8 months.

All payments must be made by Automatic Draft on the 10th of each month.  By requesting a Payment Plan you agree to enroll in the Automatic Draft program with CAMS.

Late fees and late interest will continue to accrue on the account until the payment plan has been fully satisfied. At that time, the late fees accrued during the repayment process may be removed if all conditions were met. If there is any breach in the payment plan, these fees will remain and be the responsibility of the homeowner to pay.

If there is a breach in the payment plan, your account will be placed back into collections without any further notice from the Association. For any returned payments there is a $30.00 fee added to the account.  CAMS will not be responsible for overdraft fees or bank charges.

If the account is with a collection attorney; your payment plan request will need to go through the attorney office (contact the attorney directly). If the Association has filed a notice of Claim of Lien against the title of your property, the Association will not release such Lien until the total amount of the delinquent balance has been paid and the account balance is current.  You are responsible for paying all legal fees incurred in the collection of the delinquent balance on your account.