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I need a key, fob or pass for access to the association pool, clubhouse or other amenity

Amenity use and Access is granted according to the process that has been established by your association.

You will be required to fill out the association-specific form and usually to pay a fee.

Forms can be found under 'Documents' in the portal.  Here you will also find copies of the rules and information about how the key, fob or pass will be sent to you.  If you would like to reserve the clubhouse, you will need to review the calendar and submit a request, which may need to be referred to a committee for review and approval of your reservation.

You can make a payment in the portal by logging in to your account and selecting Electronic Payments.  

If you are a new owner or a tenant, we would need a deed or alternative legal documentation reflecting yourself as an authorized representative for the property, or written consent from the homeowner to disclose account information.

Log in to the portal to complete the required association forms so that access can be granted or your reservation request can be reviewed without delay, or send us an email