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I need a copy of my plat map, survey or plans

When you submit an Architectural Request to the association you must include the survey or plot plan to show the distance of your improvements from the property lines.

The Association does not maintain property plans for individual lots.  You should have received a plot drawing when you purchased your home.  If you did not have a survey conducted at the time of purchase, or you cannot find the property markers, you have the option to get a survey done for the purpose of identifying the boundaries of your lot.


Plot plans show the lot dimensions, where the builder plans to put the improvements on the lot, the setback lines and easements. However, while the lot dimensions are accurate, the location where the improvements will actually be located after completion is not guaranteed because sometimes the plot plan is drawn before the foundation is even laid.

Surveys, on the other hand, must be completed by a licensed surveyor and will show all things that are part of the land or attached to the land. Examples of things that are part of the land include trees, bushes, flowerbeds, driveways, creeks and ponds. Items that are attached to the land and will be included on a survey include buildings (including mobile homes that may not be permanently attached), fences and power or utility boxes. Surveys will show if any of these items encroach over and onto neighboring lots or if items from neighboring lots encroach over and onto the subject property. Surveys will also include the easements and setback lines.

Remember: if you have a title insurance policy that offers you coverage for matters of survey when you buy the property, and you discover there is an encroachment, you can file a claim, and the title insurance company will assist if the encroachment existed on the effective date of your policy.
Title insurance covers the past and what has affected title to the property but not the future and what might affect the title. Therefore, it is imperative for property owners to consider getting a survey if they are adding on to their homes, putting in a swimming pool, extending a driveway or anything of the sort.