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How much do I owe? Why is my balance $0

When you receive the bill, go online to pay it, and you see a zero balance...

Once you have logged into the portal, go to the dashboard to see your current balance. The upcoming assessment will also be listed if the Board has approved it as of the date you are viewing.

You can prepay the upcoming amount due by keying in the amount in the payment screen (the amount will not autofill prior to the assessment due date).

Association bills are sent prior to the DUE Date on the bill to allow you adequate time to pay.  The amount due will only show up in the payment box on-or-after the Due Date.  This ensures that you will not be subject to late fees until the end of the full grace period for payments.  You can still make the payment by keying the amount into the payment field.  It will show as a pre-payment on your ledger until the Assessment Due Date and then your payment will automatically be applied against the billed amount.

If you have a credit balance, read this article first.