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I just bought this home. How Long will it take for my account to be set up?

Allow at least 3 weeks for your account to be set up

After purchasing your home it may take 3 weeks or longer before your account will be set up.  The closing attorney must send the closing papers and payments to CAMS so that we can ensure that the assessments are prorated correctly and the ownership is set up according to your deed.  Once your account has been set up you will be sent a welcome letter and instructions to log in to the portal.

Please ensure that we are provided with correct contact information by filling in the online form or returning the new information sheet that should have been provided to you by your closing attorney.  

If you have already moved in and you need access to amenities, please complete the form on our website and attach a copy of your deed. This will allow us to provide you with access however we cannot create your account or portal login until we have received the closing information from the attorney.  

Thank you for your patience and welcome to the Association!