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How do I know if I am enrolled in Autodraft?

Autodraft payments are drafted on the 10th of the month* for the amount that was billed on the 1st

*NOTE: ACH transactions typically take 2-3 working days to appear in your bank account, so you may not see the withdrawal of funds from your bank until a few days after the 10th

  1. From the Portal dashboard or from the Billing page, click on MAKE A PAYMENT

  2. Click on the Auto-Draft button

  3. Scroll down until you see your account(s).  If there is bank account information under 'Bank Account' & 'Routing', the account is already enrolled.  No further action is needed.

  4. The start date must be in the past.  (See additional info in the Autodraft enrollment article.)

If the bank information is blank, you are not enrolled.  Read about Autodraft enrollment HERE.  If your autodraft payment is returned by your bank, you will automatically be removed from Auto-Draft and will have to re-enroll with correct information.

Which amounts will be drafted?  

  • Auto-draft will only pay assessments (dues). Other charges e.g. for key fobs or other miscellaneous charges, will need to be paid separately. 

  • If your association has a Special assessment or other additional recurring charge, your Board may authorize these charges to be included in autodraft when the charge is set up, which election is for the entire association and cannot be changed individually.  Contact CAMS if you have questions about charges that will be drafted in addition to regular assessments.

  • If you have a credit balance, autodraft will not offset the credit against the charge.  The programming is set to draft the full amount that was billed.  You can request a refund if you have prepaid and you are carrying a credit balance.

Set it and forget it!  The draft amount will automatically update if needed, according to your Association’s yearly budget and you will never need to worry about late fees.