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Auto-Draft enrollment

Set up or change your automatic draft payment enrollment

How to enroll in our ACH/Auto-draft program - By enrolling, you will be saving yourself time, and helping your association cut costs.

To sign up, please visit your owner portal at portal.camsmgt.com. From your dashboard, select "Payments", then "Auto-Draft", and then "Enroll" next to the property you would like to enroll in this program. Next, enter your bank account information and the month to start drafts.  The auto-draft is always pulled on the 10th of the month of your association's payment cycle.

We must be notified in writing prior to the 1st day of the month of your Association’s billing cycle. If you need to cancel your automatic draft or change your banking information for automatic draft, log into the portal.   If your request was sent after the 1st of the month and we are unable to process your enrollment or change before the draft occurs on the 10th of the current month, then your request will go into effect for the following month.

If you are not able to log into the portal, you may submit a form to enroll in auto-draft.

1) Use THIS FORM to enroll when you have a $0 balance on your account. We must receive the form no later than the first of the month so the payment can be drafted on the 10th.  

2) If you have an existing balance on your account you will need to make an electronic payment prior to enrolling.

1. The draft amount will automatically update if needed, according to your Association’s yearly budget and you will never need to worry about late fees.

2. Auto-draft will only pay assessments (dues), other charges e.g. for key fobs or other miscellaneous charges, will need to be paid separately.